Monday, June 27, 2005

Canada Day

To kick off the week leading up to Canada Day I'm blogging on things Canadian. For my American friends who could care less that Canadians celebrate on July 1 rather than the fourth, too bad. But read this little Apology to Americans; it always cheers me up. For you Canadians who like to yuck it up over American ignorance, here's a bit of history you may not be familiar with.

I've acquired a bit of knowledge about Canada after living here for 5 years off and on and listening to the CBC all day long. I can tell you that Canadians are as friendly (or maybe "nice" is a better word) as the rumors claim. Just the other day a hitchhiker was telling me about how rude people are in Montana. I told him he should check out New York City.

Canadians are very proud of their universal health care system and peace keeping operations, the problem is the government up here doesn't want to properly fund either. But it is nice to go to the emergency room with out worrying if it's covered by your particular insurance company. As to the peace keeping, the Canadian Forces (Note that web site in English and Frances and check out the woman in combat gear with the man doing the desk job. The Canadian government is liberal and very politically correct.) are currently keeping the "peace" in Afghanistan. Check out this Canadian soldier's blog.

So for all you American Left Coast liberals thinking of making a move, come on up. But go to British Columbia. If you end up in Alberta, you might be in for a shock. But that's another discussion....

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