Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ideas on Guantanamo

While driving home tonight I heard a fascinating show on the CBC's program "Ideas". One of their journalists had "unprecedented" access to the prison at Guantanamo and also did an extensive interview with a recently released detainee. I thought I knew about what went on in there, but to hear someone give a first hand account was absolutely shocking.

Two impressions: (1) My country is doing just about everything to the detainees that I used to read about communists doing to Christians. (2) The guards there don't consider the people in detention to be human. I know it's hard to trust the reports of detainees (who, if they are terrorists, would be saying exactly what an innocent would), but I'm also finding it hard to trust my government.

Anyway, that's an example of my late night cynicism and disillusionment. I'm more cheerful in the morning; promise.

Check out the show's webpage for pictures and comments.

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