Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lament For The CBC

The Canadian Broadcating Corperation's regular programing went off the air Monday morning due to a labor dispute. For those who don't know me well, I'm semi-addicted to CBC Radio 1 (kind of like NPR in the States). Therefore, I take up a Lament For The CBC.

Lo, how the CBC hath fallen--
That soared on the hights of the airwaves,
That flew through our brains with clever ancidotes and viewpoints.

The champion of liberal idiologies,
The defender of the marginalized
Will fight no more this day.

Thou hast said in thy vanty,
"I shall hire more temporary staff."
"I need not mine talented producers and showhosts."

Now thy snare is sprung upon thine own backside,
And the minds of thy faithfull listeners are left barren unto thee.

Top Five Favorite CBC Radio One Shows
1. Ideas -- Documentaries about, you guessed it, ideas
2. Tapestry -- A magazine on comtemporary spirituality and religious experience
3. As It Happens -- CBC's flagship, telephone interview, current events, show
5. The Current -- A hard hitting news show with satire
6. Northern Lights -- Soothing classical music late at night.

I'd link to the shows, but they've taken down the webpages.

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