Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sermon By Samraj

Dr. Tennyson Samraj was my philosophy professor, student newspaper sponsor, boss, and friend at Canadian University College. He is loved by students of every academic discipline, who make it a point to take his classes. I recently found a sermon that Samraj presented at the student organized ACTS for Christ youth conference available online. Well, it's not really a sermon, but more like one of his legendary ethics classes.

Samraj begins his presentation on the topic of how to deal ethically with sin and mistakes in the lives of others. Then he goes deeper into his thoughts on forgiveness, why we believe in God, and what it means to live an ethical life. And he illustrates his points with many of his classic stories.

Maybe you're not into listening to sermons. To tell you the truth I'm not either. But this one is worth it. Just put it on while you're surfing the net or kicking back, and you'll soon be drawn in.

Click here to download the .mp3 file. Go to 7:31 if you want to skip the preliminaries and start his talk. You can read 2 Samuel 12 here.

If you liked what you heard you might want to get Samraj's, book What Is Your Belief Quotient?. But I'll warn you: It's got some heavy, philosophical sentences.

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