Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Seventh-day Adventists Believe: A Rehash

Well folks, I got my copy of the new Adventists Believe book today, and it wasn't what I'd expected. I haven't yet read it fully, but after comparing two chapters I'm pretty certain that the whole thing, except for the chapter on the new belief, is word for word from the old edition. They didn't even bother to make a new preface to the second edition, just added a paragraph and some new names to the old edition. So don't rush out and buy this book, unless you're dying to read the thirteen page exposition on Growing in Christ belief wait until it goes on sale a campmeeting.

Now don't get me wrong, I think the old Adventists Believe book is great on a doctrinal level. But when it was advertised that the expositions of each belief in the second edition would reveal "more of what [Jesus] is like and what a relationship with Him means" I expected to find some new passages explicitly connecting each belief to practical spirituality. I suppose my hopes wouldn't have been as high if I'd read the back cover of the old Adventists Believe and found the same thing printed there.

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