Friday, January 27, 2006

Lost Post, If Found Please Return To Owner

I just lost a massive post on the Baha'i faith and the 2300-day prophecy. If you see it running around cyberspace, please call its owner or put it in the back of your pickup and bring it home. Above all, don't shoot it; it's a very valuable post.

I'm affraid it's gone for good, though. I guess I'll have to get another. But it's not as if posts are all the same; I'll never have another like it. [sob]


  1. Ouch! That hurts...

    Try saving it as a draft every so often or if you're planning to write a BIG one, then do it on Notepad (RSS hates Word) and then copy and paste.

  2. That sounds interesting...Please post a "condensed" version since you lost the massive one...

    And I have to say it....You know you should save and backup regularly...

    Ok forgive my parental moment....

  3. Yes, yes. Blogger usually auto-saves like there's no tommorow. But I guess you can't take anything for granted.

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