Friday, January 20, 2006

Top Five: Excuses

  1. I've had to run my wife to and from work ever since I got in an accident with our good car.
  2. I had alot of work to do this week getting ready for the year end Church in Business Meeting in one church and The Appearing in another.
  3. I'm fiddling with my sterio and soundcard and Audacity trying to set up a podcast for sermons preached at my church.
  4. Needed to spend some serious time with my wife.
  5. I got a new computer game.
Ya, I know. I havent posted all week. Sorry.


  1. It is called "blogstpation" :-)

    If you;re really serious about it, check this link:

  2. I would suggest that you take one day a week and plan the posts for all next week...then you know what you gonna post...

    You also can add in posts here and there. I usually have two weeks worth of posts scheduled in my blog software which is Wordpress by the way...