Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Blog: Just Pastors

Introducing...Just Pastors! My first collaborative blog project, with Josue Sanchez and Marty Thurber, is now ready to launch. The tagline is "conversations behind the pulpit"; the idea is to provide a place for pastors to unwind online and for the rest of you to find out what pastors are really like.

The blog was Josue's idea, and he invited Marty and me to join him. Josue's a super-energetic Spanish pastor in Vancouver who provides inspiration and webmastery. Marty's an old army helicopter pilot who pastors in North Dakota. He tells stories and provides metaphor-mastery.

My regular readers know that my content varies with the direction my brain decides to take at a given moment. But on Just Pastors I'll be posting my stories about pastoral ministry and doing a weekly column called "Mo-Pomo" on the interplay of modernism and postmodernism as it relates to pastoral ministry. You won't see my column on apokalupto, because I need some shameless gimmick to get you over to Just Pastors. Now scoot!

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