Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Top Five: Door-To-Door Tips

Few phrases invoke as much fear in a congregation as "door-to-door". It conjours up images of snarling dogs, sore feet, unbearable rejection, and being mistaken for Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses. That's probably why I've been doing all of the door-to-door inviting for an upcoming church program by myself.

I've been doing door-to-door most of my life; probably because I'm just wierd enough that I don't care if people like me or not yet not so wierd that I put people off. The funny thing is that the more I've done it, the more I've enjoyed it. Today I just did three hours worth in -15 C weather, froze my kiester off, and it was the best ever.

I admit, there were times when I thought that I should pack it in and go home, but every time that happened someone would show such interest in the program that I would have to keep going. I find it hugely rewarding when some one smiles and says "Yes, I know that church; sounds interesting; I might come."

So in the spirit of the pseudo-expertise that permiates the blogosphere, here's five things I've learned over the years that can make door-to-door a rewarding experience.

"Top Five Door-to-door Tips"
  1. Whenever your not talking to someone, pray silently. If you do this, the worst afternoon can be a positive spiritual experience.
  2. When in doubt, smile.
  3. Practice what to say, and keep it short, to the point, and non-threatening.
  4. If you're turned down, move on graciously and quickly.
  5. Dress like you're going to a casual party at a friends house.


  1. Dave,

    that's really awesome what you're doing. i think the adventist pastor should be approachable. and going door-to-door goes a long way to making us (i'm almost finished with theology) approachable.

    i like your tips, too.

    going door-to-door can be such an adventure. i met a couple last year going door-to-door. they even went too church once. while they only came once, it did so much to my faith to get to know and witness to unchurched people.

    may god bless your ministry.

  2. Some other hints that I have gleaned from my time...

    1. Don't walk on people's grass...
    2. Don't argue
    3. Always have more than one option...For example when I was asking for Bible studies and people turn it down I would have something to give.
    4. Always be ready to speak for a few minutes to others. When I was a teenager, I remember going to a door and the woman wanted me to come in and talk to her teenaged children...I was not ready and disappointed both her and myself...
    5. Know what you are gonna say when offered food or drink...Maybe becuase I am in the american south, this happens a lot...

  3. Forgot one...

    If at all possible take someone with you....

  4. My best tips (still working on it) are:

    1) Walk inside their hous
    2) Use their bathroom
    3) Pick a cookie from their kitchen and
    4) Sit comfortable on their backyard.

    Oh, BTW, this only works if your neighbor is your friend too!

    Now seriously =) We can develop deeper relationships if we make new friends in our own community...

  5. Good point Josue. Friendships are by far the most effective (and genuine) way of leading people to Christ.

    Door-to-door programs work best in "unentered" areas. The places I'm working are populted my new-commers to the city, and none of the members of my church live there. Yet these are the areas that are closest to my church. It's funny how Adventists like to plunk a church in the middle of nowhere and let the city grow out to us.

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