Friday, February 17, 2006

Top Five: Fast Food Franchises

Ah, fast food, savior of the lazy, unprepared, or just plain kitchen illiterate. I cast myself at it's mercies for sustenance at least once a week. Without it I would be a hungrier and grouchier, albeit healthier and skinnier, person.

Top Five Fast Food Franchises
  1. Quiznos - grilled sub times guacamole equals double goodness
  2. Taco Bell - home of the 7-layer Burrito
  3. Taco Time - Taco Bell with better ingredients (and higher prices)
  4. Pita Pit - hummus, tzatziki, falafel, and babaganoush!
  5. Bad Ass Jacks - Kick a** Canadian subs and wraps (try the Kathmandu Curry)


  1. Very cool blog. You have some good stuff on here. Can I add my two cents? I HATE MCDONALD'S! But sometimes, my choices are narrowed to either MCd's or BK.

    I think I'll go with hungrier and skinnier.



  2. Double dare you to put guacamole and wasabi on your subs.