Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Top Five: Things About Pastors Meeting

I attended Pastors' Meeting from Sunday to Tuesday at Foothills Camp this week. It's basically a time for the conference officials to get together with the pastors to give us updates and inspiration. Pastor Greg has a great list of Ten things to do during a boring Pastors' Meeting. Rather than copying his format, I though I'd focus on what I actually liked about our Pastor's Meeting.
  1. Dan Jackson's inspiring vision casting presentation, "Tell Canada"
  2. Sharing, joking, and chillin' with my buddies from CUC who, like me, somehow managed to find employment
  3. Liberty editor Lincon Steed, who is opposed to both gay marriage and 10 commandment displays in courts of law
  4. Our conference's new Vision statement
  5. The ABC's 10% pastor's discount (I bought Escape from the Flames)
Sometimes pastors can start to feel isolated, especially when it's just you and another guy plugging away in the far-North. So even though Pastors' Meeting include boring lectures on the pension plan and pointless arguments about the employee handbook, I'm willing to tolerate these necessary evils for the sake of feeling connected to something that's bigger than me and my challenges.


  1. Here's an idea of what to do collaborate in the overall experience of a pastors mtng: pick the general theme of the week and videotape some interviews with your fellow pastors. Then play with it on your laptop with Windows Movie Maker and show it at the end of the week.