Thursday, March 09, 2006


Remember back in the days of low-bandwidth when the internet was basically one big joke factory. Those were the days of my youth, and my chief concern was levity--specifically, the accumulation and dispensation thereof. I could recite more jokes than scriptures (probably still can--sheesh!), and consumed a steady mental diet of Dilbert, Calvin and Hobbes, the Far Side, Frasier, Seinfeld, and The Simpsons.
How does a soprano change a light bulb? She just holds it up and the world revolves around her.
But as I grew older and took on more responsibilities life gradually took on a more serious tone, and my obsession with jokes turned into an obsession with achievement. Now I am more prone to be short with those close to me and view the hours I used to spend telling jokes and shootin' the breeze as a waste of time. I'm not sure the young-me would like the old-me, and I'm starting to see there's something wrong with that.
Never park your RV on a hill; it might roll away if it's so inclined.
Today is especially bad, a lot of things are on my plate this weekend. So I'm telling a few jokes to see if that makes me feel better. After all, to quote scripture: "I said of laughter, "It is madness," and of pleasure, "What does it accomplish?" (Ecc. 2:2). Oops, wrong one. "A joyful heart is good medicine, But a broken spirit dries up the bones." (Prov. 17:22). Ya, that's it!


  1. It brings back fond memories. I remember that I found a whole repository of "You know your an Adventist if ... " jokes. One of my favorites has always been, "You know you are an Adventist if you can play poker with a rook deck and a box of wheat thins."

  2. perpetualstudent,
    I thought my wife was the perpertual student. She's 36 and still in school!

    I hear ya man. Sometimes I feel guilty enjoying life as you spoke. I too feel short with folks sometimes. And that is not only because I am not tall. But also because I am obsessed with helping to finish the work God has called us. Sometimes the fun gets left out. And it has turned me into a hermit so-to-speak.

    Don't be like that. Our mission is not only longitude (us & God), but latitude (us & mankind) so we must not lose our friends and potential souls for the sake of "achievements." What are those achievements without the souls?

    I am slowing trying to put the fun back in my life. I don't want to turn into an ornery old man. God wants us to live life abundantly.

    This post was good reminder for me...thanks.

  3. She has me beat. I will be turning thirty in October. I am graduating this May and I will be starting my very first real job in June.

  4. Great joke, Mike. Almost had me on the floor!