Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Dishes?

Research by psychologist John Gottman has shown that men who do dishes have more sex. Apparently, “Inequities in housework and childcare have profound consequences for the marital satisfaction of women.” Who’d have thought that scrubbing the toilet could be so romantic?

Sometimes pastors get so wrapped up in our tasks that we neglict time with our spouses, but we’ve got to realize time in the laundry room is as important as time on a date. So, if I’m not blogging as frequently as I should, I have an excuse. And now, I’m off to do the dishes.

Thanks to my wife for pointing out this information. Is that what they call a hint?


  1. I'm dishwasherless as well, or rather I am the dishwasher. I always swore that the next place we move into would have a dishwasher, and guess what? The house we're buying doesn't.

    If you don't mind me saying so: According to the study you must be a very...satisfied husband. Would you care to confirm the veracity of the report?

  2. We have no dishwasher either. I do the dishes, clean the bathroom, and do laundry more than half the time. Life is good.

  3. just in case there are women readers --

    could it also be true that men who have more sex are more motivated to help with house work?