Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Stress Seminar

I attended a stress seminar with Cameron Johnston on Monday and Tuesday. It felt kind of strange since I had just returned from vacation, but I was on the organizing committee so I couldn't very well skip it. I suppose I did have a pretty stressful month before my vacation, and so I managed to learn a few things.
  • It's important to understand the physical warnings of excessive stress your body gives you.
  • Learning how to completely relax in under 10 minutes is a key skill.
  • Humor is vitally important for dealing with stress and losing your sense of it is a sign of burnout.
  • Regular exercise increases endorphins.
  • Assess your stress periodically.
I'd actually heard the seminar once before (hence the organizing committee), and was surprised that I got so much out of it the second time. I guess you never stop learning when it comes to wellness. I just wish I could be as committed to taking care of myself as I am to taking care of others.

If you want to learn more about stress, sign up for Cameron's free e-course, Enjoying the Stress of Your Life.


  1. Yeah, he's a good guy. He "fixed" me once a few years ago =)

  2. You guys thought of explicitly applying the Sabbath principle to the issue of Stress? Does the vision of the Sabbath provide us a view for understanding the problem of stress? Attacking the problem? etc...

    Just a thought in that I am in the middle of a series of posts on the Sabbath on my blog...

  3. Definately. I think it's a key component.

  4. So I'm do you relax completely in under 10 minutes...this could be very valuable information!

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  6. the only way I know to relax in 10 minutes is to take a nap!!

  7. Bekki:

    Cameron took his relaxation stuff from "The Wellness Book" by Dr. Benson and E. Stuart. This relaxing is defined as having a "passive attitude toward distracting throughts, which means not worrying..."

    "The Basic Steps Include

    1. Pick a focus word, phrase, image, or prayer.
    2. Sit quietly in a comfortable position.
    3. Close your eyes.
    4. Relax your muscles.
    5. Breathe slowly and naturally & as you do, repeat your focus word or phrase as you exhale.
    6. Assume a passive attitude
    7. Continue for ten to twenty minutes.
    8. Practice the technique once or twice daily."

    Taken from Stress Management for Caregivers Participant Workbook by Cameron Johnston.

  8. Glad that Cameron mentioned humor. It's my favorite way of dealing with stress.