Friday, July 28, 2006

Coming Home

We get what we give.

I come home late10:00-11:00, sometimes laterabout three nights a week. When I do, I’m usually drug out, low on energy, and tired of putting the happy face. The only thing I want is to be fed, watered, and put out to pasture (i.e. bed).

Here’s the catch. If I come through the door grumpy and demanding, it tends to elicit a similar response from my wife. But if I treat her with even the modicum of respect I gave the board members one hour earlier, I have a loving, comforting, caring spouse to lull me into a blissful state of repose.

Just something I’m learning along the way.


  1. 1) try to remember that she is your most precious earthly treasure

    2) being a pastor's wife is usually a very lonely role

    3) the pressures of your profession on your family life will increase even more when you have children

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