Monday, September 04, 2006

Signing Off

This will be my last post on apokalupto for awhile. Most of the posts I've put up recently I orriginally wrote for Just Pastors, and now I want to throw my support completely behind that blog. And I've learned that I'm just too busy to write content for two blogs.

apokalupto will be back at some point in time, but I want to take some time to pray over what God wants me to do with it. My initial forray into the world of blogging was unfocused and ecclectic; when I come back to apokalupto I want it to have a unique voice and "purpose driven" subject matter. But what that means spicifically, God hasn't revealed to me yet.

The archives on apokalupto will stay open until I reactivate it. In the mean time I'll continue to blog with Marty and Josue over at Just Pastors--which, by the way, doesn't mean "for pastors only" but rather that we're "simply pastors". My writing over there generally focuses on the joys and challenges of life as a pastor.

I won't say good-bye, becuase I'm still in the blogosphere. But you can say a "good-bye for now" to apokalupto if you like. Thanks to all who commented, corrected, and cajoled; you made this blog a success.

For those of you who enjoyed my lists of Adventist blogs, The Spectrum Blog is doing a weekly roundup of the Adventist blogosphere.


  1. Nooooo!!! I'd just added you to my links!!

    Will be sorry to see this blog go quiet. Happy blogging elsewhere.

  2. Sorry about that.

    Don't be afraid to link to JP.

  3. Well...I must say that it was good seeing this blog...this was one of the first adventist blogs I encountered...I also must say that I will always be grateful to your helping me to kick off my own blog by being the first commenter on AdvnetistPulpit...

    Thanks for all you do and God Bless...

  4. Will miss you Dave (at least here), I still have your Adventist blog roll post bookmarked. I believe that was Feb 19. It made for a good survey of the culture. Will keep an eye on JP.

    And thanks for the Spectrum props.

  5. "unfocused and ecclectic" was what made apokalupto so interesting and refreshing to a wider audience

    just pastors is less interesting and refreshing because its focus is life from a pastor's perspective rather than life from the perspective of an ordinary person who happens to be a pastor

    I think apokalupto was a more appealing and authentic witness to a broader community vs just pastors which is pastors primarily talking to each other

    any living organism (including the church which is the living body of Christ) grows at its edges - not in its interior - I was hoping you could stay longer at the edge

    I am well aware how lonely and exposed a pastor can feel and why you need to support and encourage one another

    it is always easier for pastors to bond with other pastors - but by exposing your experiences to a broader audience you opened a window to many who would not otherwise empathize with a pastor

    one of the most appealing things about Jesus is that he identified with the common ordinary people rather than with the clerical establishment of his day - he was and is truly a "friend of sinners" which is very good news for me

    doubtless the fact that I have been one of your greatest admirers for your entire life will bias my viewpoint - as will the fact that I am a pastor's son as well as a pastor's father

  6. Dear David:
    I'm a SDA pastor in Spain, I have added a link to your blog in mine, so yours will push up a few places in the Technorati and Google scores. Could yo do the same for me, please? Mine in spanish (translatable with babelfish service) Here is the address:
    Let's see if we can spread much better the gospel and the truth.
    Yhank you so much.
    Pedro Torres