Saturday, September 26, 2009

apokalupto media: Prophecy Chart Interview

If you're afraid to wear the Adventist Caricaturist's prophecy chart tee because someone might actually ask you to explain it, this video is for you. It's got Adventist historian Merlin Burt serving up the goods on our historicist heritage and me playing the part of ignorant interviewer a little too well. Together we take up the question of whether that prophecy chart reflects current Adventist theology.


  1. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. What happened to the end when you were talking about his dissertation on the subject??

  2. What happened is I ran into YouTube's 10 minute limit, and that happened to be the best place to cut the video. Right after the cut asked him about where his dissertation could be obtained (through your local university library) and then wrapped up in the more conventional manner.

  3. Very fascinating information. I feel it's important to understand the breadth and depth of historical scholarship that underpins our current theology. Thank you for sharing.