Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Top Five: Ways To Unwind

Board meeting night again--ugh! It actually went fairly well tonight, but they're always such a pain. I guess I'm just tired after a really full week. I haven't taken a day off since last Sunday. Oh well, my Christmas holidays are coming up soon.

So, in honor of hard days and late nights waiting for my wife to get home from work (she's an RN), here's my

"Top Five Ways to Unwind"
  1. Play computer games
  2. Read Ministry magazine
  3. Cook a snack
  4. Listen to Northern Lights
  5. Search "adventist" on Technorati
Yah, we pastors sure know how to party. If things get really out of control, I get my wife to make me a cup of decaf before I go to bed. And then...well you don't want to know what happens then.

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