Sunday, February 19, 2006

Adventist Blogs

[For those seeking an up-to-date list of Adventist blogs, Ken McFarland at the Right End of the Telescope blog claims to have the largest Adventist blogroll "on the net". As near as I can tell he's correct.]

I've been talking with some online friends about the Adventist blogs I've 'collected' by serrching the term on Technorati. I have about a hundered mostly forgetable ones. Here's a complete list of the ones I check semi-regularly to daily.
  1. 3T3RED - Pastor Marty Thurber - Fargo, ND, USA
  2. adventrevival - a homeschooling mother - Marshal, AR, USA
  3. Adventist Pulpet - a homiletics blog - Nashville, TN, USA
  4. Adventist Thoughts - Adventist News - Cape Town, South Africa
  5. Aussie Adventures - Singaporian PR assistant - Sydeny, NSW, Australia
  6. blog by dee - student Religious VP at Southwestern Adventist University - Keene, TX, USA
  7. Blog the Future - criticism of Adventist church structure - North America
  8. Christian Management Skills - working toward book about it
  9. David Escobar - a biochem student - Urbana, IL, USA
  10. Eternity Checkpoint - a high school student - Toronto, ON, Canada
  11. Faith and Shadow - a graphic designer - Sacramento, CA, USA
  12. FEG 2003 - 2006 - an animation student - Toronto, ON, Canada
  13. A Historic Adventist In The 21st Century - traditional Adventist views
  14. I Know He Is Able - devotionals - USA
  15. Impressions of Life - a spiritual journey - Freeport, TX, USA
  16. Jake's Corner - a Finnish theology student - Thailand
  17. Jim Blog - a high school religion teacher
  18. Joie de Vivre - a media producer - Singapore
  19. Jonothan Wold - an internet entrepreneur
  20. Just Josue - a Spanish pastor - Vancouver, BC, Canada
  21. Just nod if you can hear me... - a college student - Orlando, FL, USA
  22. kb-adventist - a com/media guy - Aarhus, Denmark
  23. Kevan Against the Machine - a college student - Tacoma, WA, USA
  24. LaChanda's Sisterlock Express - hair in locks - Dallas, TX, USA
  25. Lady Be Good - an opera student - Warsaw, Poland
  26. My Credo - Dave Escobar's religion blog - Urbana, IL, USA
  27. My Life Beyond A Brain Tumor - Briget-Jonesesque blog - California, USA
  28. Non-denial Denial - a Danish law student - Southhampton, UK
  29. norman's blog - a medical resident - Loma Linda, CA, USA
  30. Paul Whitting - a theology blog - Christchurch, New Zeland
  31. Pearl - a student - UK
  32. Pr Dave Online - Pastor David Edgren - Claremont, Tasmania, Australia
  33. prez update - Conference President Ken Denslow - Willowbrook, IL, USA
  34. Resonance - a lawyer on politics - Knoxville, TN, USA
  35. Reciprocity - vegetarian recipies - Ithica, NY, USA
  36. Roger's Blogs of The Adventure - Pastor Roger Walter - Colorado, USA
  37. Scatter Joy - a graphic arts coordinator - Kentucky, USA
  38. Sabbath School for a New Generation - liberal Adventist views
  39. Sabbath School Insights - a sabbath school commentary - Chicago, IL, USA
  40. Sherman Cox - an Adventist divinity student - Nashville, TN, USA
  41. Simply...Shimona - a college student - Muak Lek, Saraburi, Thailand
  42. Southern's Belle - a single nurse - Chattanooga, TN, USA
  43. The Adult Sabbath School Class - Pastor Greg's sabbath school commentary - Lincon City, OR, USA
  44. The Daily Cowbell - an American assistant dean - Nairobi, Kenya
  45. The Information Bank - a pharmacy student - Chattanooga, TN, USA
  46. The Ministry of Living - a theology student - Lacombe, AB, Canada
  47. The Oregon Adventist Pastor - Pastor Greg Brothers - Lincon City, OR, USA
  48. this aboundant life - a grad student - Grand Forks, ND, USA
  49. Twins - A Matched Set - a mother of twins
  50. Thought Screams - stream of consciousness - Tacoma Park, MD, USA
  51. Words Are All I... - thought snippits - Lacombe, AB, Canada
  52. Zarkoff - a high school student - British Columbia, Canada
Wow! That took a long time. We should really start an Adventist blogroll. Hope it helps some Sevies connect on the web.

Please let me know if any of the links are faulty.

UPDATE (4-7-06): Published some updates to this list.


  1. This is great - thx for the list! I'm honored to be included ;) And a blogroll sounds like a really good idea, too.

  2. I was wanting a list like this, Thanks for posting it...

  3. hey...thanks for linking me!

    I can't wait to go through the entire list! :)

  4. Yes! An Adventist Blogroll sounds excellent! In fact, why stop there? make it a Hub of sorts, like Boing Boing! Thanks for noticing me! Wow, I'm honoured.

  5. Can this adventist blogroll include non-english blogs?

    I'm thinking each language would need its own blogroll/ring. I put only English blogs on my list because those are the ones I am able to read, not because I don't know of Adventist blogs in other languages.

    And what makes an Adventist blog? An adventist blogger, someone blogging something adventist or both?

    In my mind, an Adventist blogger makes an Adventist blog, whether they blog about 'Adventist' topics or something else. The criteria I used to make that list are a person who either (a) explicitly identifies themselves as part of the Adventist faith or church, or (b) a person whose activities match the Adventist lifestly to the place where I'm virtually certain they are Adventist.

  6. Dave,

    Thanks for the list - and linking to my blog! I'm honored ... and I agree with faith-t, I think there should be some sort of hub for adventist blogs and podcasts, etc.

    A Historic Adventist in the 21st Century

  7. I put all of these sites on my blogroll at "Sabbath School for a New Generation" and I have included a link to instructions on how to import my blogroll into your own blogrolls.

  8. Here's a couple more for your inclusion.

    Faith in Context, found at

    Intersections (my blog), found at

    Glad to know there are other Adventists in the blogosphere. Most of my blogging is not in the mode of talking to other Adventists about Adventist stuff, but at times I've really wondered who was out there and what we being talked about. I'm hoping I can make it through your list some time.

  9. Ya, I've picked up on your and Monte's blogs since I published the list. I think I found them through Michael at Sabbath School for a new generation. I plan to publish a list of updates in the coming month, and those two blogs will definately be on it.

    Thanks for the links. Keep 'em coming guys.

  10. Gud day pastor, im a member of the church(SDA), and i have a blog name, i just want you to link this site please..May God our father bless us all...

  11. Hey, thanks for including me on the list ... Faith and Shadow. Except, I'm not a graphic designer (not that there is anything wrong with that ...) ... but rather a writer/editor. My wife is the graphic artist. :)

  12. I just found this list when I was checking to see if there was anything like an Adventist blogroll ... I'll be bookmarking this and checking some of them out! I think it would be great if there was an SDA blogroll, especially if the scope was quite broad (so that those of us who are SDA, but don't necessarily blog about specifically "Adventist" things, could be included).

  13. I have only been blogging for a month now. I htought I will find many adventist blogs out there to connect with and was not finding any for weeks. I am glad I found your post with this list of adventist blogs. Maybe now I can find a few people to connect with now. I want my blog to be shared with others as well. Thank you for this list.

  14. You might also want to add a new site called SDA For Me, which has a great blog posted by Martin Weber.

  15. This seems like a great idea! I might check these blogs out!