Friday, April 07, 2006

Adventist Blogs (Update)

The blogosphere is always in flux--people come and people go--so ones blogroll must be flexible too. Some folks like Faith are always posting, while others like Kevin and Paul need take lengthy sabbaticals. And Chris Webb where are you? Your posts were so entertaining; bring back the SLT!

Now that I've got that out of my system, here's some new Adventist blogs I'm diggin'.
  1. Be a Bree - advice for desperate housewives
  2. Everybody's Got A Story - tell yours - Vancouver, BC, Canada
  3. deserts of vast eternity - professor at Mission College - Thailand
  4. Faith in Context - Creative Ministries VP Monte Sahlin - Columbia, MD, USA
  5. intersections - Pastor Ryan Bell - Hollywood, CA, USA
  6. Jericho Road - Pastor Jan Mckenzie - Newport, Wales, UK
  7. My Journey - thoughts from the road - Tennessee, USA
  8. TruthInvestigate - as it is in Jesus - Kingsland, GA, USA
  9. What's up with Kev? - web/graphic designer - South Carolina, USA
There are also some good collaborative and institutional blogs out there, but until I hear of a few more, you'll have to find them yourself. If you're into Adventist blogging, you should also check out Spectrum's Blogosphere Roundups. And keep an eye out for soon.

If you haven't seen it, check out my lengthy list of Adventist Blogs.


  1. I can't believe you made me #9. I thought we were becoming friends but now I see how it is. just messin.

    Thanks for the link and I really enjoy your blog too. It is nice to read fresh thoughts that are not always negative about things.

    Keep it up bro and may God bless your ministry.

  2. Hey, it's not Myspace, man.

    The first shall be last, and the last...

  3. you didn't add my blog. I think it would but just as wholesome as one dedicated to desperate housewives.

  4. Anon:

    Feel free to leave your URL if you want.

    Bear in mind the wholesomeness is not the only criteria I apply when I list a blog. The most common reason I wouldn't list an otherwise wholesome blog is that it doesn't have enough posts. Because if there is not consistant posting for a few months there is a high likely hood that the blog will go dormant.

  5. Hey I'm an adventist blogger! Although, I don't often talk about Adventism (mainly because the in laws are baptist and I really like to keep the peace, although since dh was just baptized they aren't speaking to us anyway..anywhoo....)You can link me ;-) I need to expand the blogs I read...which I'm trying to do...which brought me to you!

  6. Welcome Bekki. I'll start reading your blog, and if I like it I'll link to you the next time I make a list. Happy blogging.

  7. Dave, how bout a Top 10 Shot Down SDA Blogs list? I just wanna know if I made that one...;)

  8. Like I said, it's not Myspace. I'll leave the ranking to experts. Blogging is a noncompetitive sport (for me at least).