Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Arminianism and Adventism

While I'm sending some link-love to the Andrews Seminary, I thought I'd mention the Arminianism and Adventism Symposium coming up in October (14-17). So why is this conference important? Basically because our soteriological (doctrine of salvation) roots go back the Jacob Arminius, the first serious Protestant/Reformed theologian to reject Calvinist predestination, combining free-will with the understanding that we cannot save ourselves. John Wesley, the founder of Methodism picked up his ideas, and many of the original Adventists were Methodists, including Ellen White.

If you're still not convinced this is worthwhile, go check out their list of reasons why you should attend the Adventism and Arminianism Symposium.

p.s. They just enlisted yours truly to blog the symposium.


  1. Sounds like it will be an interesting conference. Good luck with blogging it!

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  3. I'm trying to contact you about your video on the prophecy chart.
    I noticed that there is a five horned beast or goat on this chart under the four headed leopard. I have seen other charts that don't have this feature on them and the video is not completely clear is it possible to get a up close photo of this beast and can you tell me what is written inside the horns. I can see "Rome" and possibly "Egypt" but I can't read it off this video. Is it possible to get a scanned photo in high quality of this adventist historical treasure before it desintegrates any more than it already has. I like your shirt where can I get one. Please email me at

  4. Is there any reason why you have not responded to my question?

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  6. David,

    I'ma Calvinist and I am interested in the lecture of Dr. LaRondelle, "the Adventist perspective on predestination." But not able to attend the symposium, because I live in Brazil. If the material is made available on the lecture, pdoeria send me?

    Already, many thanks.