Thursday, July 20, 2006

Into The Deep End

I just voted, along with my church board, to sell our church building. The offer was great, and we want to build. And yet it feels like jumping into the deep end of the pool when you’re not sure how to swim.

I guess I’m too good at seeing all the potential pitfalls and dangers of our new situation. The church and I know that God is leading in this offer, so we have nothing left but to trust His guidance. And in my experience God seems to work best when we have nothing left.

On a personal note…it looks like my hiatus was longer than a couple of weeks. I just got back from camp meeting to a house with one finished room. But it’s fun to have a little “real” work to do each day.


  1. Good to see you back and God bless...

    I pray all is well with the moving of the church into the new building...

  2. I'll be praying for you and your church.

  3. Hey, he's back! Best wishes for the entire church selling / building process. Prayers, too.


  4. i was beginning to wonder if you got kidnapped by aliens... not from outer space, but from another country. :-)

    nice to see you back!!

  5. re Deep End --

    Your ability to see potential pitfalls and dangers has been passed along from your earthly father. Your willingness to follow where God leads knowing the potential pitfalls and dangers is a gift from your heavenly father. This is not merely blind faith - it is genuine visionary leadership.

    If mom and I didn't have to work for a living I would probably be offering to help you plan and build that new church. But what I cannot offer to do for you, your heavenly father is ready and willing to do much better than I could ever do it.

  6. re Kidnapped by Aliens --

    Kev - you are psychic! The aliens who kidnapped Dave and Heidi were his parents and her parents. We abducted them and all their earthly belongings from their apartment (literally overnight). We dumped most of their belongings in a "new?" house and left them pointed down the road to camp meeting.

    Dave - we scheduled our vacation to be able to visit you in your "new?" house before you left for camp meeting. Nobody but God knew that what we would really do is move you. Your independent spirit may not appreciate this but God knew when you and Heidi would desperately need your parents 8-)

    (For the record I must state that helping you get moved was nothing compared to the work that Heidi's parents have done to making that "new?" house livable.)

    You and Heidi have not gone far enough away to escape from the love and care of your earthly parents. There is nowhere you could go to escape from the love and care of your heavenly father.