Friday, July 04, 2008

I'm A Patriot

I'm a patriot...
  • When I'm proud of America's ideals.
  • When I love America enough to say when it's gone wrong.
  • When I cheer on the Men's National Team.
  • When I remember that America's not the only country with good ideas.
  • When I support the troops.
  • When I travel to all 50 states to know how my country looks, smells, feels, and talks.
  • When I travel abroad and tell people "I live in Canada, but I'm an American."
  • When I realize that as a citizen of The World, I have global responsibility for how I use my vote.
  • When I understand that as a citizen of Heaven, I must use my vote and influence to keep the institutions of church and state separate.
  • When I support an man for president who doesn't always wear Old Glory on his lapel.
  • When U.S. consular officials send me to the front of a very long line, because, well, just because I'm an American.
I won't be going to the fireworks tonight, not because I'm unpatriotic nor because I think it's wrong to enjoy fireworks on the Sabbath. I just don't want to interrupt the day when I celebrate the Kingdom of God with the celebration of a Kingdom of this World. I'm guessing they'll still have fireworks next year.

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  1. Boy, I need to catch-up. I didn't know you were at seminary and blogging here again. I also notice your posting a feed to my blog. Thanks, David, I really appreciate that.

    As for the holiday, I haven't celebrated a 4th of July since 2000 because of living in the UK. It would just seem like I was rubbing their nose in it. After all, my wife is English.

    I do miss the fireworks, though since I've become a birdwatcher and have an aviary at home, I can only think of the suffering animals during all the celebrations. And then there is the money being shot up in smoke.

    Hope your enjoying seminary life. I'm a little envious.