Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Church Documentary

Stained Glass: Hollywood Blvd. Trailer

Melody George at the Hollywood Seventh-day Adventist Church has written and directed a documentary about the formation of her congregation's "Missional Action Teams". Having followed online the escapades of Hollywood's pastor, Ryan Bell, for some time, I can say you won't ever look at church life the same way once you watch this film. I don't think I'm overreaching when I say that, based on what I've seen so far, this documentary gives the viewer an unprecedented, fly-on-the-wall glimpse into the intimate details of the transformation of an Adventist congregation.

[UPDATE 8-27-08: Pastor Bell asked me to remove a link to the first episode with was not completed nor released to the public. I found it by accident and have removed the link as he requested. If you happen to have the link or the video, please respect his wishes.]

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