Thursday, January 12, 2006

Article: To Submit

So is it a moral virtue to be submissive? In the context of church life the answer is a definite Yes. Do I feel that being submissive is a good thing? Well, not always, but the Holy Spirit still has a few things to teach me, and the Church is a great classroom.
An article I wrote
was posted today on Spectrum magazine's website in their featured columns section. Thanks to Leigh Johnsen for inviting me to contribute.

Link: Spectrum Online | To Submit

Questions to Consider:
What positive contributions has individualism made to the church?
When are debating and voting detrimental to good decision making in the church?
What does it mean to submit to those with whom I disagree?
Who should Christians not submit to?
In the context of mutual submission, what does a submissive child, wife, or churchmember look like?
In the context of mutual submission, what does a submissive parent, husband, or pastor look like?
What did it mean for Jesus to submit?


  1. It feels good to be published, right? Good for you!

    Do you feel you have to submit to the church? Is submiting to the church a way of submiting to Jesus? I'm not sure, man... What do you think? (I developped alonger comment on my own blog)

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  3. [Update: Bad link in previous post]

    I believe that we should submit to the church to the extent that we should submit to one another. I believe it is a way of submitting to Jesus since His Holy Spirit speaks through his body.

    (To read the rest of what Josue wrote check out