Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Top Five: Alternative Canadian Political Parties

Fed up with Liberal corruption and empty promises? Worried that Stephen Harper will make Canada the 51st state? Think that the NDP's "third option" is the People's Republic of Canada? Wondering how the Bloc Quebecois can run a nation it doesn't think should exist in the first place?

Canada is running out of voting options, and what else can we expect when the major parties seem more interested in attacking each other than showing how they could do things better? But fret no more, apathetic Canadian voter. You do have voting options. Just pick your favorite of these

Top 5 Alternative Canadain Political Parties
  1. Green Party - Environmental conscience and a mish-mash of other progressive ideas
  2. Canada Action Party - National soverenty and democratic accountability
  3. LibertarianParty - Shrink government, maximize freedoms
  4. First Peoples National Party - No visible platform, but if I were Naitive, I'd vote for them.
  5. Christian Heritage Party - Pro-life (anti-abortion), pro-family (anti-gay marriage)
Honerable mention for sheer goofinessss:
UPDATE (1-12-05): Find out which parties have a candidate in your riding at Elections Canada Voter Information Service.


  1. I see you have a lot of "options" up there. Cursury glances at the links to the parties you kindly provided led me to the conclusion that you have as much [ahem] political diversity as we have in the states.

    That's a post for all the people fed up with the US party system, and threated to move to Canada (That one never grows old, does it? I still hear it every so often).

    End Result: politics are bad, wherever you go.

  2. Dave E.:

    Yes, there is a 'democratic defecit' (as they say) in Canada, and especially in the provence of Alberta, where parlement sits for about two weeks a year. That's why I'm not against castin a protest vote for a party the might take something I agree with to an extreme, especially when they probably won't get into office. If enough people did that, mainstreem parties would take those issues more seriously.

    I guess you could say that while writing my list my tongue was partly in cheek and partly sticking out at the major parties.