Tuesday, March 14, 2006

News: Robertson At It Again

BBC | Top US evangelist targets Islam
[insert fundamentalist religion here] is not a religion of peace...the goal of [insert fundamentalist religion here], ladies and gentlemen whether you like it or not, is world domination...
And your goals are, Mr. Robertson?

We know which religion Pat Robertson thinks belongs in that statement. I wonder which religion Muslims would identify as intent on world domination. Sure hope it's not any that I could be identified with.

Does media attention egg him on? Should I ignore it the next time Robertson says something crazy? This is the third time now.


  1. Pastor Robertson reminds us what happens when patriotism becomes connected to our religion, we lose our balance...Some might say we lose our mind...Pastor Robertson is looking like those who he condemns...

    Pastor Robertson has no prophetic voice to speak to America becuase he cannot distinguish between the Gospel and an imperialistic American foreign policy...

  2. man he sure does give Christianity a bad name doesn't he?

  3. Has anyone here ever read the Koran? I've read some passages. Of course, these are the ones that are always conveniently pointed out by people like Robertson to support his statements. I'm not hating against the Muslims ... but let's realize that Allah is not the same God as Jehovah, and that Jesus Christ is the only name under heaven by which men might be saved.

  4. I have read parts of the Koran. My conclusion is the "jihad" spoken of in the Koran is that battle against self. Islam has its roots in Judaism and Christianity, so I think we must acknowledge that there is some truth to their teachings. However, I do believe that every Muslim who is saved will be so only because of the shed blood of Christ.